16.000 filter tubes per minute

The largest producer in Southeast Europe

Belaprom Company was founded in 2014. The company’s basic activity is production of cigarette tubes, import and wholesale of products for broad consumption. Production meets the highest European standards. Production plant is equipped with the most modern equipment, highly sophisticated technology used for creating the highest quality products that are recognized all over the world.

The company currently employs 50 skilled and highly motivated workers. Production plant’s headquarters(over 3.000 m2 in size) is located in Cerik, Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our main goal is to expand our field of activity while maintaing growth through display of our distinguished assortment.

The advantages of private labeling

There are both advantages and disadvantages to private labeling for products that are developed and sold by the company that produces them. Some of the advantages of private labeling may include:

  • Loyalty: The key to long-term business success is building a loyal customer base. Branding through private labeling is a great way to build loyalty from customers who like your products. With limited accessibility, customers become attached to your brand, allowing them to feel as though they are among a select few that own it, which ultimately increases loyalty and sales among your customer base.
  • High margins: Brands with private labeling usually have a higher profit margin than resale products. The reason for this is because the cost of making your own products is generally lower than buying products that are premade, especially if the development and marketing of the products are of high quality.
  • Wholesale income: In addition to exclusively selling your product, you may consider operating as a wholesaler for your brand and offering limited access to other retailers that pay a premium acquisition cost for the right to carry your brand. This will generate additional income as well as spread your brand exposure.
  • Exclusivity: Private labeling allows you to separate yourself from your competitors. One of the best things about private labels is that you alone have the exclusive right to sell the product. Good marketing will create a demand for it, which benefits you, because you are your customers’ only source for the product.

The disadvantages of private labeling

Just like everything else, there are disadvantages to private labeling. The good news is that by planning ahead, you can usually avoid the main drawbacks of private labeling.

 Some of the disadvantages may include:

  • Minimum orders: Most manufacturers have a basic requirement of minimum orders when you want them to produce customized products for your private labeling. Unfortunately, in many situations, the minimum order is much larger than what you would otherwise order.
  • Dead inventory: Some retailers make the mistake of ordering a line of privately labeled products without knowing whether or not their customers will like the product. This can leave you with a lot of unsold (dead) inventory.
  • Customer perception: It is common for people to trust a brand they have used for a long time, as opposed to trusting a little known private-label brand. For this reason, do your research on customer preference before investing in private-labeled products.

Choosing the right private-label manufacturer

If you want to create your private label, Belaprom Company is the best solution for you. 

Production plant is equipped with the most modern equipment, highly sophisticated technology used for creating the highest quality products that are recognized all over the world.